Our Story

Beyond the Black Stump is a family owned and opperated camping gear company based in Sydney, Australia, offering thoughtful camping equipment to help organize your campsite.

We believe you can find your best self while exploring the great outdoors.  Our purpose is to awaken a sense of adventure in everyone and inspire you to travel beyond the black stump.


Origin Story

Beyond the black stump, the back of beyond, the Never-Never, the back of Bourke, the outback. 

Beyond the Black Stump is an Australian expression meaning country beyond the reach of civilized comforts and facilities, an isolated place where people have to be dependant on themselves for everything.

The phrase comes from the custom of using a fire-blackened stump of wood as a marker when giving directions to travellers.  Several Australian cities claim to be the location of the original 'black stump'.  Check out our blog posts featuring each of these remote Australian towns.